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Érd Retirement Residence “Saint Joseph” of the Brothers of Saint John of God



The mission of the Brothers of the Hospitaller Order of Saint John of God is to treat, care for and heal the sick, the poor and the needy. It this spirit, we run all our institutions in Hungary, the Retirement Residence “Saint Joseph” in Érd included (since 2007). We want to provide our guests with a comprehensive physical and spiritual care. Instead of loneliness, old people in need of residential care will find in our House a real home with professional help and a relaxed and peaceful atmosphere.


Our Retirement Residence can accommodate 99 residents. In 2015, a separate wing was constructed for patients with dementia.




We offer average-level accommodation in rooms with one, two and three beds.

Each room has its own bathroom, toilet and shower. The building has

  • 28 two-person rooms
  • 16 single rooms and
  • 9 three-person rooms.

Community spaces include a lounge, a TV room, an activity room, a chapel and areas to receive visitors. The care unit includes two nurse rooms, a doctor’s room and a mental health room.




  • accommodation with 24/7 monitoring by specialized staff
  • a diet suitable for the specific age and health status
  • for residents requiring in-patient care, feeding in their own room, regular liquid intake, a diet as per the doctor’s order, multiple meals
  • medical care, treatment with medicines and medical aids
  • rehabilitation (remedial gymnastics, physiotherapy)
  • providing clothing and textiles, cleaning and repairing included.
  • mental hygiene and sociotherapy activities
  • safe-keeping of articles of value
  • providing assistance in official business matters
  • organisation of activities and services beyond the core responsibilities of the institution
  • organisation of funerals for residents who passed away in the institution


Visiting hours

Our residents can receive visitors every day between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.



Contact information

Érdi Szent József Otthon (Érd Retirement Residence “Saint Joseph”)

Gyula utca 39-47

H-2030 Érd


Phone: +36 23 365627

Fax: +36 23 365627



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Betegápoló Irgalmasrend
Szent József Idősek Otthona
Gyula utca 39-47.
2030 Érd
Telefon: +36 23 365627
Fax: +36 23 365627

Betegápoló Irgalmasrend

Szent József Idősek Otthona

2030 Érd
Gyula utca 39-47.

Telefon: +36 23 365 627

Fax: +36 23 365 627